Particle Counter for Liquids

Particle counters to test drinking water, purity of solutions for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, review of oils, for particle size analysis and the monitoring of gases and clean rooms.

Markus Klotz GmbH has been engaged in laser technologies and devices for particle measuring since 1990. We develop, manufacture and test the complete product range of optical and electronic components at our production facilities in Bad Liebenzell and Burgholz.

When developing and manufacturing our products we work with full assembly automats for SMD components, a processing center with tool changer and a CNC lathe with 8-fold revolver. For the development of the sensors and the determination of optoelectronic basic parameters we have in addition to the standard equipment a stereo microscope, a fluorescence microscope, a high resolution spectrometer as well as a measuring device for measuring the steel profile available.

Our products: Our particle measuring devices are applied for the testing of liquids (drinking water, purity of solutions in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, testing of oils), the monitoring of gases and cleanrooms as well as for the particle size analysis.

A further focus is the design and manufacturing of diagnostic and radiation devices in medicine.

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