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External filter and/or cooling circuits require circulation pumps with low noise emissions and limited pressure ripples. Gerotor pumps are a perfect solution for such applications. This design principle combines low noise emissions with limited susceptibility to solid contaminiation.

Gerotor Circulation pumps BFP

  • low noise emission
  • high vol. efficiency
  • good suction performance
  • integrated clutch bell housing
  • gerotor principle
  • not susceptible to contamination

Off-line filters and/or coolers are being used in hydraulic and lubrication systems more and more often. The advantage of these circuits is that they create stable and therefore, more predictable operating conditions for both filtration and cooling.

Circulating oil in these circuits requires efficient and preferably silent running circulation pumps, which provide a constant flow rate at moderate pressures. Gerotor pumps have proved especially useful for these applications.
They offer compact integration, are relatively insusceptible to particle contamination and have a long service life.
The BFP series features a range of particularly compact circulation pumps specifically designed for this area of application.

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