Level and temperature switch NT 61-Z0-Atex

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Level and temperature switch NT 61-Z0-Atex
Combined liquid level and temperature monitoring for intrinsically safe connections according to EN 60079-11 in Zone 0/1 potentially explosive atmospheres. EU type test/IECEx certified IECEX: IECEx IBE 17.0020X, ATEX: IBExU16ATEX1183 X. The contacts for level monitoring are adjustable. Connecting flange as per DIN 24557 T2.
  • EU type test/IECEx certified
  • IECEX: IECEx IBE 17.0020X, ATEX: IBExU16ATEX1183 X
  • Area of application in Ex zone 0/1
  • Level/temperature combination
  • Bistable = only one float
  • Standardised flange drawing: DIN 24557, part 2
  • various plug options
  • variable lengths
  • Stainless steel version
  • Maintenance free

In hydraulics and lubrication technology the fill level of oil tanks needs to be monitored continuously. Here, modern factory automation requires compatible signals. To minimise production costs and the space required on containers, it makes sense to use one monitor for both e.g. the fill level and oil temperature.

The NT 61-Z0…-ATEX series meets virtually all requirements arising in this area of application. This model can be equipped with max. four fixed, bistable level contacts or max. three level plus one temperature contact to monitor the fill level. The temperature can alternatively also be assessed using a Pt100 resistance thermometer. The NT 61-Z0…-ATEX is a simple electrical equipment without separate voltage source used to monitor the level and temperature inside a tank in explosive areas. Here the stainless steel tube a stainless steel float slides along is located inside the tank in zone 0. The stainless steel flange is mounted to the outside of the tank by 6 screws, meaning the connector plug is located outside the tank in zone 1. A flat seal between the tank and level switch flange provides the seal between the tank and the environment.

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