Nivovent 77-XP level sensor with IO-Link

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Nivovent 77-XP level sensor with IO-Link

Freely programmable IO-Link device for simultaneous monitoring of liquid level and oil temperature with display and qualified ventilation filter with exchangeable filter element.

  • Combined, continuous liquid level and oil temperature monitoring
  • 6 programmable switching outputs assignable as level or temperature signal
  • Alternatively with IO-Link and 1 x programmable switching output
  • Alternatively with one analogue output each (current/voltage setting) for level and temperature plus 2 or up to 6 freely programmable switching outputs
  • In normal mode the LED display shows the actual temperature, with status of the switching outputs
  • Standard menu structure based on VDMA standard sheet 24574 ff.
  • Switching outputs characteristics configurable as window or hysteresis
  • Switching output configurable as frequency output (1-100 Hz)
  • Min/max memory, logbook function
  • Proven, highly dynamic float system
  • Immersion tube in matched lengths to max. 1420 mm / 55.9 in, other lengths available upon request

The oil tank is the key component of hydraulic and lubrication systems. The operating oil is removed from the tank and then returned to it. Depending on what the system is used for, the levels in the oil tank can fluctuate to varying degrees.

In most applications, the level fluctuations result in an exchange of the vapour phase above the oil level with the ambient air. Therefore, virtually all oil tanks are equipped with a so-called air breather, to prevent contaminants in the ambient air from entering the system. To reduce costs and space requirements, a number of other system-related functions such as liquid level and temperature monitoring are also combined in the air breather in the Nivovent series.

The NV 77-XP model has the most flexible range of applications in this series with standard analogue outputs, programmable switching or frequency outputs for the liquid level or oil temperature inside the tank. The interface for the tank is DIN 24557 T 2 standardised.

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