Temperature sensor TF with IO-Link

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  • IO-Link and 1 x programmable switching output
  • Continuous temperature measurement
  • Brass or stainless steel housing
  • Sensor length up to 1 m
  • Connecting flange G1/2

The temperature-based change in the viscosity of hydraulic and lubricating oils requires closely monitoring and stabilising the operating temperature. Furthermore, close temperature monitoring impacts the life of the oils. The oil tank is typically accepted as the control point for the oil temperature, which generally provides an informative mean value. It may further be helpful to also monitor segments or individual devices in a system.

The IO-Link compatible TF series sensors are suitable to ensure cost-effective and efficient temperature monitoring in hydraulic and lubrication oil tanks IO-Link.

The digital, bidirectional communication of these sensors meets all requirements of modern plant automation, reduces acquisition and installation costs, and improves system availability. Their robust design makes them suitable for virtually any liquid properties, allowing a wide range of applications.


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